Job Lost Job Found

A Comprehensive Survival Manual for Those Who Find Themselves Out of Work
Job Lost Job Found is one of the most comprehensive books addressing job loss of our time.
It not only covers the emotional impact of losing a job and how to deal with it, but it also teaches proven methods and skills for finding new employment.

Millions of people are now finding themselves out of work as unemployment rises to an all time high. Most people’s fundamental identity is intertwined with their jobs and this loss can be devastating. They typically struggle with depression, stress, and self esteem issues that come from this separation. While the authors, Neal Pellis, LMFT helps people recover from job loss, Bonnie Roy, Career Counselor provides valuable tools like where to search for a job, how to write a resume, how to interview and even what to do after the interview.
Job Lost, Job Found aids individuals to recover self-worth and obtain that most desired position.

DATE 3/2017
As of March this year the book is no longer available through dogear publishing. You can still obtain it from Amazon.com.

We truly hope your job transition is a smooth one. Good Luck!